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Media Sponsors

We wish to thank the following associations, organizations and publications for their support of NAMRC. Please visit their website to view FREE manufacturing resources such as white papers, magazine subscriptions, manufacturing directories, valuable technical data and industry resources.

Media Sponsors


Create the Future Design Contest

The 19th annual Create the Future Design Contest is now open for entries! Submit your innovative new product ideas for a chance to win a grand prize of $25,000. Entries will be accepted until July 1, 2021. Follow the link to get started.


Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering is a highly respected magazine serving U.S. engineers and other manufacturing professionals who use manufacturing technologies. The magazine’s history dates back to 1935, when SME first published it as Tool Engineer. In the 1960s, the magazine was called Tool and Manufacturing Engineer. In the 1970s, it became Manufacturing Engineering and Management. Since 1975, the magazine has been known as Manufacturing Engineering, or as our customers sometimes call us, M.E.


Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing focuses on advanced manufacturing technologies and tools that are driven or enhanced by integrated information technology. Smart Manufacturing is available free of charge to qualified subscribers in the US.


Vision Spectra

Vision Spectra magazine covers the latest innovations that are transforming today’s manufacturing landscape: neural networking, 3D sensing, embedded vision and more. Keep up-to-date with a FREE subscription devoted solely to this changing field. Each quarterly issue will include rich content on a range of topics, with an in-depth look at how vision technologies are transforming industries from food and beverage to automotive and beyond, with integrators, designers, and end users in mind.