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RAMP Competition Winners

2019 RAMP Competition Winners

1st Prize
Nathan Decker, University of Southern California, “Reuse of a UMP Model for Geometric Accuracy Prediction Across Multiple Additive Manufacturing Processes”

2nd Prize
Chenhui Shao, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, “Manufacturing of an Innovative Hybrid Heat Exchanger”

3rd Prize
Ilya Kovalenko, University of Michigan, “Developing Unit Manufacturing Models for Management of an Additive Manufacturing Fleet”

2019 RAMP Competition Judges

Dr. Barbara S. Linke, University of California Davis Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Chandra Nath, Hitachi America Researcher, Advanced Manufacturing and Design, Industrial Innovation Laboratory, R&D Division

Dr. Michael Vogler, Caterpillar Inc. Engineering Technical Steward, Machining Technologies


From left to right:
– Dr. Mike Vogler (Caterpillar, RAMP 2019 Judge)
– Prof. Barbara Linke (UC Davis, RAMP 2019 Judge)
– Dr. Chandra Nath (Hitachi America, RAMP 2019 Judge)
– Ilya Kovalenko (University of Michigan, RAMP 2019 Finalist)
– Nathan Decker (University of Southern California, RAMP 2019 Finalist)
– Prof. Chenhui Shao (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, RAMP 2019 Finalist)
– Dr. Bill Bernstein (NIST, RAMP 2019 Organizer)
– KC Morris (NIST, RAMP 2019 Organizer)